Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shameless Plug

Okay... so since it involves biking, here is Melissa's shameless plug for some of the work she's organizing in Detroit around protecting our water quality.

Detroit Green Water Infrastructure Bike Tours

Saturday, August 6 at 2pm ~ SOLD OUT!!!
Saturday, September 10 at 2pm
Sunday, October 2 at 2pm

$35 per person (includes bike rental) or $25 (BYOB - bring your own bike)

NOTE: You MUST REGISTER at Wheelhouse Detroit's website to participate on the tours (please follow the links above to register).

What is "green water infrastructure?"
Green water infrastructure is one solution to help stop stormwater and sewage pollution that negatively impacts the Detroit and Rouge Rivers. On these guided tours, you will bike along the Detroit Riverfront, Midtown, and Detroit’s east side to see examples of constructed wetlands that absorb stormwater from surrounding streets. You will also see rain gardens, cisterns, permeable pavement, and much more.

Check out more information about green water infrastructure at

This concludes Melissa's shameless plug. You will now be returned to your regularly scheduled reading of "Two Women, Four Wheels." :)

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