Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bus life lessons!

It's truly been awhile since we've been able to bus/bike here in Detroit - but not to fear! We've been on the road - Costa Rica & Wisconsin for vacation, San Francisco for work. And it's been great to explore the public transit options in these other areas. The cross-country public bus system in Costa Rica is a-maz-ing! The most timely system ever - if the bus left at 10:30, it was heading out at 10:30 and 5 seconds. LOVE the extreme efficiency. We're back in the Detroit-area (at least until the next work trip :) - and got the chance to bus/bike on Friday. I left Royal Oak on the 8:12am Woodward 460 which was full, yet quiet. A gentleman that got on the bus near Palmer Park and sat next to me. I was engrossed in a two-weeks-old Crain's Detroit Business (gotta catch up!) but we started chatting around Midtown. He had been talking with another bus rider about his 10 grandbabies and he thought I was reacting to that (but it was actually news in Crains!). The following conversation ensued: "So do you have any kids?" "Nope, no kids, just a cat that is spoiled like a kid!" "HA! Oh, my grandkids are so great. But sometimes, when they are all at my house, Granddad just needs to go in his room and shut the door. That's how the grandkids know that granddad is just DONE. Aren't your parents anxious for grandkids?" "They are, but right now they are just happy with a grandcat. I'm still working on making sure I have a good father for those grandbabies before having them, you know?" "YES. You definitely don't need a crazy father in your life" "Agreed. Agreed! I'm working on it :)" Murmurs and nods of agreement from fellow bus riders followed. YES. You just don't get this kind of camaraderie/life lesson before 9am driving in your car by yourself. :)