Thursday, June 14, 2012

Call the Fashion Police!

Riding in a dress can be done!  (Luckily, no one has a picture of what I looked like while riding my bike with capris and this dress.  For that, the fashion police should be alerted. HA!)


I remember a couple months ago someone asked Julie and I what we wear when we bike to work.  Honestly, we both have flexible jobs where we don't have to wear professional clothes every day; however we do dress nicely for work and from time to time do need to wear a suit or more professional attire.  

The trick is preparation.  For instance, today I hosted a meeting at my office where I needed to look nice.  I wanted to wear a dress, so I wore capris under the dress making sure not to expose anything during my morning commute.  It was pretty easy and I had no difficulties riding my bike.  Sure, I looked odd and did get a couple "huh?" looks but oh well.  After the capris came off, I looked "work nice."  You should try it for it can be done!!! 

What do you think - should 2 Women 4 Wheels have a bike-to-work fashion show?  :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Road vs. Sidewalk

While biking in the city, I do my best to ride on the road and to obey traffic signals. However, on occasion I don't feel safe on the street and I'll hop onto the sidewalk. Today, I had to do just that.

Usually I don't have any problems with Woodward in Detroit but this morning was different. I left my apartment a little after 8am on my way to a work meeting in the Buhl building. I considered traveling down Cass but then I remembered the construction that is taking place, so I decided to travel on Woodward. It was busy! I was a bit nervous but thought I could brave it and do it.

I started strong and biked in the far right lane until I reached Park Lane, just passed Grand Circus Park, where I was bullied onto the sidewalk. (Why didn't I turn onto Park Lane? It's a one way in the wrong direction of where I needed to go.) I just didn't fit on Woodward and it was so full of speedy cars that I decided not to risk my life trying to figure out how to fit. So I put my head down and rode on the sidewalk until I reached State Street. :(

Once I was on State Street, I biked on the road to Griswold and continued biking on the road despite the mess of congestion on Griswold. I think the difference between Woodward and Griswold was the traffic was slower, so I felt more confident in braving Griswold.

Yes, I know it's *technically* safer to ride on the road than on the sidewalks - not to mention that in some instances it's illegal to ride on sidewalks.  I am admitting to you in this post that I need to do a better job of convincing my mind and body that's the case. Or maybe the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) could install bike lanes on Woodward?  Just a thought!

Anyway, my bike adventures are not always perfect. I'll keep trying to be a better biker and hopefully one of these rides I will brave riding on Woodward even when it's packed with vehicles.

 In the meantime, check out this awesome picture I took of the very full bike rack in the garage downtown. The bumper sticker reminded me that at least I did not add to the congestion on Woodward this morning with my car. :)


P.S. Starship's, "We Built this City" is playing on the radio. (And yes I'm singing along with 2 Women 4 Wheel's motto... We built this city on walk and roll!!!)

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