Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I forgot I have a head...

and ran into the low-hanging tree branch full of rainwater on my way to work. (And yes I was sober!)

Today's takeaway:

Always wear your bike helmet. It can protect you at moments like these when you're fixing something on your bike and not paying attention to your surroundings.


  1. Poor Melissa :( but an excellent PSA about the importance of a helmet!

  2. I knew that sometimes you forgot you had a hand, but this one is new.

    Also, I'd like to star your comment about wearing helmets- my dad is still alive only because he was wearing what he calls his "brain bucket" during several incidents involving bicycles and various traumas to his head. A coworker told me a horror story about someone she knows who wasn't wearing a helmet, hit a pothole while clipped in, and required surgery on his head that left a scar from one ear up and around his entire head to the other ear.

    So, whether it's a tree branch, a pothole, a car, or whatever else, you better have a helmet on.

    Thanks Melissa!