Saturday, February 18, 2012

Have you missed us!?

We know it's been 2 weeks since we've posted a blog. Yeah, you've seen your Twitter and Facebook posts, so you know that 2 Women and their 4 Wheels have been bussing and biking all over this town during the very mild (boo!) Michigan winter. And you also know that we've been trying to figure out how transit works in this area. We've met with many people - transit gurus, transit consultants, SMART Bus employees, and we're working on setting up a meeting with someone at SEMCOG. Everyone has been extremely helpful and nice - so what we're about to say is no way a knock on them.

But we are confused. VERY confused.

The Regional Transit Coordinating Council (RTCC) determines the funding split between SMART/DDOT and the Oakland County Transit Authority (OCTA)/Wayne County Transit Authority (WCTA)/Macomb County (the whole county since they don't allow their communities to opt-out = NICE) determine the millage rates. Um, ok. Except the RTCC has apparently disbanded and we cannot find any information on the OCTA and WCTA. When do these groups meet? Who is on these boards? It's a mystery.

RTCC-OCTA-WCTA - let's call the whole thing off.

But wait - then where can citizens express their support for increased funding - which will in turn hopefully = increased (or re-instated) service?

2 Women 4 Wheels is still on the case, not to worry. And we've been doing most of our research via the internet/a few phone calls to personal contacts. Our goal is pinpoint where transit lovers (and, well - taxpayers!) can truly have a legitimate say in transit funding/service and express how important it is to Metro Detroit. So we turn to you - 2W4W's super fans - do you have any info you'd like to share to help us on this quest!?