Thursday, August 4, 2011

Say what?! Cleveland has a downtown bike station!!!

Cleveland is bike fabulous! WOW! After reading this article about Cleveland's new "Bike Rack," I think every major city should invest in one. It would definitely make biking more of a serious option for dress-up business types. Cleveland is expected to have their station completed this month. Will Detroit be next? Those that live outside of Detroit - do you have bike stations?

Find the article here,
New Downtown Bike Station to Offer Parking, Lockers, Showers for Bike Commuters
"The new facility, called The Bike Rack, will offer 50 secure, indoor bike parking spaces and 10 outdoor spaces. It will also feature lockers for downtown commuters who would like to store fresh duds for the day without folding them. Finally, the facility will have three shower areas with private changing rooms."

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