Thursday, March 31, 2011

Progressive Bike Ride

2 women. 4 wheels. 13 dudes.

Royal Oak Non-Motorized Transportation Plan Update

Getting update on Royal Oak's non-motorized transportation plan. Draft will be reviewed at May 10 Planning Commission mtg.

Bikes parked. Cocktail time!!! :)

Bike Rack Success!

Sometimes it's difficult to find a bus with an empty bike rack on the return ride. Usually when that happens, we find another bar to have a drink or we take a DDOT bus (yes - some of them have bike racks!!!).

Unfortunately, we don't have time to worry about that tonight. There's no time to spare since we have to be at the Spring Rolls, Progressive Dinner on Bikes. Yay!!!

That said - Julie found a very secure bike rack at the Royal Oak bus station, where she successfully locked up her bike (and she had some great help from two other bus riders).