Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Musings from an early bus trip Tuesday morning

I was up early today, so decided to get a jump on the workday with the 7:10am 460 out of Royal Oak. Lots of random bus/bike thoughts going through my head today, so its time to just get serious!

1. My bike helmet seems to have expanded over the winter, probably due to winter hat usage, and was totally teetering on my head this morning, in the most "why am I even wearing this?" anti-safety kinda way. The winter hat, which in my opinion, on March 20th in Michigan, I should still be wearing. Which brings me to #2...

2. Although this super warm weather is honestly creeping me out, I am not above saying that I do enjoy wearing capri leggings, a skirt and flats today. Biking this morning SO got me thinking about summer bus/bike happy hours, which is maybe the absolute definition of summer joy. Yeah, I said it!

3. Bus seating - am I the only one that is totally OCD in keeping my stuff on my seat/lap, leaving the seat next to me open for other bus riders? People on the bus this morning were all sprawled out, backpacks, papers, water bottles - other bus riders had to stand. This isn't your personal $2 per ride loveseat, people. The absolute definition of bus rudeness. Yeah, I said it!

And all this before 8am. :) Happy Tuesday, 2W4W fans!

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  1. I miss busing with you in the morning!!! My morning started with discovering a bird pooped on my bike seat. The nerve?! :)