Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2W4W - Superheroes in the making?

What a gorgeous day for biking and busing?!

This morning after cleaning bird poop off of my bike seat (angry birds?), I biked to work. It was warm and beautiful for a day in March, which is rather alarming. POW!

Later in the day, Julie and I met up for lunch, where we enjoyed the weather and discussed how confused - STILL - we are about what's happening and quite frankly, NOT happening with public transportation in southeast Michigan. Maybe there's hope with TRANS4M? (We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on it - please share below.)

Then after lunch it was back to work, so I jumped on my bike to the scene of a water pollution crime located on Brush, between Warren and Canfield, in Detroit. (Earlier I received a tip that there was some "hazardous activity" present.) This is the first time I rode my bike to something like this. I should note that even though I rode my bike to this area, I have no experience dealing with hazardous waste sites or cleanups. Rather, I traveled to the site to learn more information and to make sure the proper officials had been contacted. So with bike helmet still on and sitting on my bike, I ran into FOX News and discussed water pollution and how it negatively impacts the quality of our rivers and Great Lakes. You can see the clip here.

NOTE: This crime isn't to be taken lightly, especially since it happens more often then we think. If you see illegal dumping into the sewers, please contact 911, so that they can notify the proper officials to immediately respond to the situation.

Also, quick poll - my coworker suggested I wear a cape while on my bike to these type of situations. What do you think? Do you see Two Women Four Wheels as superheroes? Capes or no capes?

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