Friday, May 3, 2013

Bus, Bike, Blog Post!!!

Say that ten times fast!!!! Now do it after you've had three or four drinks (Julie = 5, Melissa = 0. Not drinks, times we could repeat the bus/bike tongue twister after said drinks).

Welcome to the first real time blog post (coming from Lily's Seafood in Royal Oak).

We're enjoying this beautiful sunny evening of Pure Michigan weather and the fact that Melissa literally ignored actual Ryan Gosling in the streets of Detroit today in order to make the bus. Just a day in the life of 2 Women and their 4 Wheels, really.

This is us on the bus passing where Gosling was sited. See ya! Vodka and gin, we are coming for you.

We know we need to write more and more is coming, we promise!

Cheers, fans of 2W4W!


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