Thursday, June 14, 2012

Call the Fashion Police!

Riding in a dress can be done!  (Luckily, no one has a picture of what I looked like while riding my bike with capris and this dress.  For that, the fashion police should be alerted. HA!)


I remember a couple months ago someone asked Julie and I what we wear when we bike to work.  Honestly, we both have flexible jobs where we don't have to wear professional clothes every day; however we do dress nicely for work and from time to time do need to wear a suit or more professional attire.  

The trick is preparation.  For instance, today I hosted a meeting at my office where I needed to look nice.  I wanted to wear a dress, so I wore capris under the dress making sure not to expose anything during my morning commute.  It was pretty easy and I had no difficulties riding my bike.  Sure, I looked odd and did get a couple "huh?" looks but oh well.  After the capris came off, I looked "work nice."  You should try it for it can be done!!! 

What do you think - should 2 Women 4 Wheels have a bike-to-work fashion show?  :)

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